• Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The F2H.Cloud network is running at 98% capacity and we need to add further hosts to the CA, UK, USA-West and FR regions. Whilst we have the equipment to do this, we do not have the IPv4 blocks. It's looking increasingly conceivable that we will be unable to secure further IPv4 blocks from our Datacentre providers. To continue to function as a business, we will then be forced to pay the market rate for IPv4. 

At the current market rates, a /24 IPv4 block will cost around $12,500. A significant cost considering at minimum we will require two /24 blocks. One in Europe and one in North America. We cannot absorb that cost so, we are forced to increase the prices on additional IPv4 for new orders. Should we be unable to secure further IPv4 from our partners, we will also need to raise the price current customers pay for IPv4.

We're continuing to apply pressure on our partners to provide a resolution to this issue. Orders in the queue will be processed as soon as we have the available resources. Each day services are cancelled and each day we are provisioning as many orders as we can.